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If you love the look of a glamorous show-stopper kitchen, then rich charcoal gray cabinetry or wall color can be the perfect choice for you. If you keep surfaces and layout simple, you can add a few over-the-top accents like chandeliers and sconces. The key to a glamorous space is simplicity and sparkle. You'll want to keep a classic color scheme with a predominant color like gray and accents of white.

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Ivory shaker.png

Our Ivory Luxury Shaker kitchen units are perfect for eliminating that dull and gloomy feel and replacing it with a fresh, welcoming atmosphere within your kitchen. With such a stunning aesthetic, our Ivory Luxury Shaker kitchen units will add a breath of fresh air into any space of any size, shape or design. All of our Ivory Luxury Shaker kitchen units are made with a five-piece construction that boasts traditional style, with a hardwearing and high-quality finish, perfect for a modern family kitchen.

Cherry shaker kitchen cabinets are a favorite because of their warm tones and rich look. Cherry tends to have predominantly red undertones; however, it can range in color from pale yellow to deep brown. The texture of cherry wood is smooth and satiny, which allows it to accept stain beautifully.

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